You know the sick, shocked feeling you get after you’ve caught a horrifying glimpse of your big butt in the bathroom mirror? Or when shopping, see your reflection in a storefront window and for an instant think, who is that fat woman?

Those images are terrible, but rarely do they result in any serious change. In fact, they can produce an opposite effect like rushing for a bag of Fritos and a tub of onion dip. At least that’s what I did. Catching myself by surprise and seeing how I really looked usually sent me straight to the nearest Taco Bell.

I quickly learned to avoid noticing my reflection or looking at anything but my face in the mirror. Those random shocks of the brutal truth were too much to take. Well, maybe shock treatment was just what I needed because now I think that fat people should not only look at their naked selves, but they should eat their meals naked in front of a full-length mirror.

The thought of sitting bare-assed and actually seeing the amount of food piled on your plate that you are about to force into an already overstuffed, overworked, and chemically poisoned body should be enough to kill anyone’s appetite. Wish I’d thought of it a hundred pounds ago.

So, take that heaping bowl of bacon mac ‘n cheese or plate of pancakes and eggs into your bed or bath. Unhook your pup-tent-size bra and let the girls fall onto your knees. Stand in front of the mirror and take a hard, long look at yourself. Inspect every pucker, crease, and fold. Then look at the food you’re about to eat. Do you really need to shovel in another mouthful? I know you want it. That’s the addiction.  However, your swollen, unhealthy body is the proof that not only could you live for months on nothing but water and lettuce, but that you’re slowly killing yourself.

Wonder why your back hurts? That gut hanging down to your crotch is pulling your already atrophied muscles even more out of place, so your spine is taking the brunt of the weight.

Did you know that nine out of ten cases of type 2 diabetes are preventable? Several unhealthy habits contribute to developing this disease, and obesity is number one. Being fat increases your chances of getting cancer by 50 percent and doubles your risk of having a heart attack.

Why are you doing this to yourself? Only you can figure that one out, but I’ll bet that, just like me, part of your reason, maybe a big part, is the hype you’re fed every day by the weight-loss industry. They make it sound easy. It isn’t. They pass off their fat-, carb-, and sodium-loaded junk as food, and never help you confront or cure your food addiction.

I’ll make you another bet. Even if you never really eat naked in front of a mirror, now that you have the image in your head, the next time you’re chomping on whatever floats your fat boat, you’ll see it again. I hope so. Maybe that vision will help you take one less mouthful of poison and one more step back to health.

You are the only person who can help you, and the only way you can succeed is one bite, one choice, one day at a time.