…I was really good at giving other people humorous astrology guidance about their lives and loves. My books were published in fourteen languages, and I was a columnist for Cosmopolitan magazine, reaching three million readers a month.
    What those readers couldn’t see was the fat woman eating herself into a size 22 and shuffling around with aching joints and permanently twisted ankles. There was nothing funny about lying to myself about my weight, my appearance, and most important, my health.
    For almost fifteen years, I’d tried everything from Weight Watchers to South Beach to SlimFast. At first, they all worked, as they probably have for you. But as soon as I reached a goal or just got sick of the meetings or the food or money falling out of my hands and quit, the weight came back. I was caught in that cycle of gain-lose-repeat and felt like a failure. What I didn’t know was the weight-loss industry not only counts on us staying in the revolving door of losing and gaining, it’s designed to help us fail to ensure we will. We blame and berate ourselves and it greedily lets us do so.
   When I began to change my attitude, not only toward food, but toward myself,  I realized that the weight-loss industry does absolutely nothing to help overcome food addiction. When you are fat you cannot eat anything you want and still lose weight as every program on the market preaches. Sure, you lose at first because you are eating smaller portions, but you are also eating the same fat, carbs and sugar you’re hooked on. That’s why these weight-loss programs have a 95 percent failure rate. Instead of going on a binge and then running for the nearest quick-fix, I learned to take responsibility for myself and my health.

The weight-loss industry is helping you kill yourself. 

  Change is easy. The hard part is making up your mind to change. That’s why the weight-loss industry thrives, and you don’t. It says, “Give me your money, and I’ll tell you what to eat or what pill to swallow, so you don’t have to think.” You agree and hand over your cash and the responsibility for your health to a $60 billion industry that’s only interested in making a profit.
Whether it’s a well-established and celebrity-endorsed program, a low-rent diet center, or the latest wonder pill, these modern snake-oil peddlers know exactly what feeds your addiction. They know what you want, which is—admit it—a quick-fix to shed ten or twenty or fifty pounds in record time while still eating anything you want. That’s exactly what they promise.
Once you’ve run out of money or you can’t stand the program any longer or you do lose the weight, you stop. Then in a week or a month or a year, you begin to gain again. Only this time, you gain even more than you paid hundreds or thousands of dollars to lose. That’s what happened to me.
  As long as I paid someone else to take responsibility for my health, I didn’t have to worry. As long as I counted points or calories or drank non-fat shakes, the weight came off—every time. As soon as I dropped out of a program, the weight came back—every time.
  I bet this has happened to you too. When it does, you feel even more miserable than before because you blame yourself. Don’t. You haven’t failed because you’re weak or lazy. The system failed you.
   The reason you lose on Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, or any other program is because of portion control. When you stop the program, you regain the weight because you haven’t learned how to curb your food addiction. Instead of teaching you how to get away from the foods that keep you fat, those programs are feeding you a diet loaded with the fat, carbs, and sugar you’re hooked on.
   The reason you regain the weight is because you’re eating the wrong foods on the diet you’ve paid for, and think you can continue to do so and control yourself they have controlled you. That’s like trying to help an alcoholic by telling her to control herself and just have one drink before dinner.
   I had to admit to myself that I cannot eat anything I want and be healthy. I had to take responsibility for my life, not hand it over to a system that has a 95 percent failure rate. No one could help me but me. No one can help you but you. I’m going to share with you how I did it and what I’ve learned that will help you get healthier much faster than I did. I can show you how—and you will never again spend a dime on weight-loss scams. But you have to decide to take the first step and all the ones that follow.
It all begins with you.
One bite. One choice. One day at a time.